Your Friends When You Argue With the Most Strict Teacher in Your Class

When Your Mom Goes to Market but Forgets the One Thing You Asked Her to Get

Went to the Moon Took 5 Photos Went to the Bathroom Took 37 Photos

When She Says She Likes Bad Boys

I Told My Uncle About Photoshop He Sent Me This a Week Later

A Hogwarts Degree Isn't Worth Much These Days

How It Feels When the Bell Rings and You Have to Head Back to Class

I Have More Conversations in My Head than I Do in Real Life

When You Died but Forgot to Clear Your Browser History

Shit Too Early for the Comments

When You Realize You Like Someone More than You Thought

When You Realize You Have So Much Homework to Do and It's Already 1 AM

Not the Best Place to Put the Authors Name

Your Face When a Guest Is Giving You Money But Your Parents Stop Them

When You Don't Have Enough Money to Be the Person You Really Want to Be

When Your Best Friend Gets in Trouble

When You Wash a Spoon

Did You Know that 1 Out of 3 People Are Gay? I'm Not Gay

The Save of the Century

When You Are in an Exam and You See Everyone Using Ruler and You Don't Know What the Ruler is For

When Babe Don't Answer and You Wanna See If It's Just Your Calls

The Real Reasons I Haven't Done My Homework

When Your Squad Got No Plans

When You're Trying to Sneak Food at 3am Without Waking Your Mom

Tuo tarpu Radzio Balkone

Reuniting With Your Best Friend When You Haven't Seen Them in So Long

When Your Squad Song Comes On

The Right Way to Answer True or False Questions

When the Bus Driver Suddenly Brakes

Waking Up During the Night and Your Phone Brightness Be at 100%

When You Give Your Friend a Piece of Gum in School

Having Your Friends Phone Like

When You Wake Up Still Drunk and You Realize Your Hangover is Coming

After Years of Hard Work at McDonalds I Finally Managed to Buy a Camera

Sometimes When I Close My Eyes I Can't See

Trying to Make Plans in a Group Chat

Vyksta Kelio Darbai

When Somebody Says You Look Good Today

When You Go to Outside for the First Time After Staying Inside the Whole Day

Nesu Tirkas Jonas Maciulis ar Maiklas Jordanas